An American Band

Were playing Treefort 2023!

Our name is somewhere on there I swear! just look around for it.

If you want tickets to Treefort, those are avaiable here

See you all in 2023!
- Elias, Richard, Marc, + Cameron

July Shows Annouced!

Hi Everyone! Super stoked to let you all know we have our first little bunch of shows. I (Elias) am refusing to call it a tour, so let's just call it a 'run' - Cool?

If you want to buy tickets to shows, just check out our performance tab and make sure when you buy your tickets through the portals to note your buying tickets to see Lose.
Anyway, we're super excited to hang out and play our set for you! We're going to be accompanied by a friend of ours, Spencer Plante, who is a past high school bandmate of mine and Cam (Here's a link if you want to hear us rip off Vampire Weekend, Local Natives, and whoever else Pitchfork was pushing on us in 2012 ). He's gonna be hanging out on the keys! So make sure to give him some love when you see him somewhere behind Cameron on stage.

See you soon -
Elias, Richard, Marc, + Cameron

July 16th in san Francisco annouced w/ Destroy Boys

Scope the 'Performance' tab for more details.

July 20th in San Diego annouced w/ Oatmeal and ??????

So stoked to be playing w/ the SD band with the most lore from any local band I've known. Scope the 'Performance' tab for more tickets + info!